Sonntag, März 12, 2006

The Kurdish leadership

Written by: Meh-dee Al-Jabourry

In summary, the Kurd ethnic was persecuted by Saddam regime and was picked and protected by Shiaa institutions and joined with it their Shiaa fighters, and before it, the communist, and all of them condemned such alliance. I asked one of Shiaa fighter those whom fought side by side along Kurdish for years of that alliance, and he replied me with one answer and that is, the Kurds see in all enemy to them.

Ask the Shiaa fighter since the time they fought with them against Saddam and how Massoud Barasany surrendered them to Saddam, and will the 1996 occurrence be forgotten?
Massoud Barasany refuses now to raise the Iraqi flag by excuse that the Kurdish were persecuted under that flag, and it is the same flag that you will find his loyalty given (masoud barasany) year 1996 to be used now as an excuse to save himself.

Kurdish leadership fought and brought war among themselves and the blood flooded, and did not give us the democracy of kurdish any convict toward justice that caused that war. And than came to re-united among themselves when Iraq started to appears weak, and fragile.

There were no confiscation by consciouslist, the Kurdish ethnic right for the creation of nationalistic nation. They themselves started that but failed, and took further geographical distance, but they themselves caused failure, fearing for kurds to discover their Kurdish failure.

No need to say further, their leaderships (kurds) did not know a friend or a true allied, and may be for that is within the inner self of Kurd, as they are, as usual, trying to defeat forming a strong government (Iraqi government) that is to be directed by the Shiaa (their members of parliament), as they done it in the first time.

Jallal Talabany is like a leader of a coffee shop that political stand to be to weaken allies before enemy. What is it for him to be not in good term with Jaffary, it is our security and not the security of Kurd-istan, and those millions (of people) whom voted Shiaa (Al-Eltaliaf party) means nothing for democracy of Kurd-istan as it seems.

I will leave those documents to complete the story of the president of Iraq, the scarified, Jallal Talabany , and to know that Jaffary did not touch his hand, in any day, those tyrant nor collaborated with them as Jallal Talabany did